La deliciosa ‘CH’ de los Colombianos

He estado pensando en lo lindo de mi lengua materna y de mi natal Colombia. De vez en cuando y de cuando en vez me da nostalgia y extraño los sabores y colores de mi bella Risaralda...extraño el indiscutible encanto de mi Pereira, la Perla del Otún. Y es que como algunos sabrán, yo soy … Continue reading La deliciosa ‘CH’ de los Colombianos


Flying over Rio de Janeiro

Yep, that would be me hang gliding over one of the most famous and perhaps exotic cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro. Our trip to Rio was one of those things that just happens. We happened to be invited to a wedding somewhere in south Brazil, Garrett thought it would be cool to say … Continue reading Flying over Rio de Janeiro

Country Brands: The Colombia is Passion Example

Well, call me biased. I had to showcase my pride and joy, my homeland, 'mi tierra querida': our Colombia.  A beautiful land with two oceans; three mountain ranges; incredible forests and landscapes; a sea of seven colors; a rich indigenous past mixed with unstoppable progress and growth; a country full of creative and incredible people. … Continue reading Country Brands: The Colombia is Passion Example