I don’t have to dwell in the future


January 1, 2016…the new year had just rang when my angel said ‘mama’ for the first time. She said it in front of 3 people, daddy included. There was no denying, I was starting 2016 with my title officially announced by my baby. Talk about joy!

Parenting is a lot of things (in my short experience), but perhaps the three that I think about the most are: awesomeness, responsibility and reward. I am baffled by the speed at which my baby has grown. Whatever happened to my little sleepy kitten?

Ava is barely 7 months old and already sits, stands, crawls and takes steps while holding onto objects. When did this happen? It is awesome and rewarding to see this little human cub become a person of her own…one who calls me mom.

I am always thinking of the future…it keeps me going. I need to envision, visualize, dream, plan, device the future then talk about it, then make it happen. That energizes me. That keeps me going. I need to be in the future at all times.

Not too long ago something struck me. I don’t think too much about Ava in the future. I think about work in the future. Garrett and me in the future. Life in general in the future…but not Ava. I worried. Was this a defense mechanism in case something happened? After all, raising a human is a task you embrace a day at a time. Was I afraid of dreaming up a future that might not come? Where was my faith? Did I not want that future? Then the answer came to me.

I don’t think too much about Ava in the future because for the first time in my life the present is overwhelmingly perfect…and I want to enjoy it, savor it, make it mine. I want the present to slow down, I want the past to come back and hang out for a while. I want the present to linger, because it’s perfect.

For the first time in my adult life the present is where I want to be. She keeps me going. I am in love with that little one who calls me mom.




The salt of my earth


Celebrating my Andean roots



I could have never imagined the vast glory of motherhood. Since my daughter’s birth I have experienced a range of emotions I didn’t even know existed. I have learned to survive on little sleep and to celebrate it all, because this is a fleeting season in our journey as mother and daughter.

I adore her…she has added so much flavor to my already flavourful life. She is the salt of my earth…and her daddy is my pepper.

I am a lucky gal 🙂

PK…still enjoying life in the country.

Early motherhood lesson

3 weeks of motherhood in summary: I am learning every day and my teacher weighs a little under 8 pounds and expects me to know today’s curriculum yesterday. Keeps me on my toes.

A lesson I would like to share with expecting and future mothers: if you plan on breastfeeding do your homework in advance. During pregnancy everyone shares glorious and downright scary labor stories. Labor lasts a few hours, a day or two…it’s such a big event, it’s only natural people want to talk about it (a lot). I was frequently asked if I was going ‘natural’, did I want an epidural, did I take lamaze  classes, etc.

No one really talked about the biggest hurdle I would face postpartum. Not lack of sleep or the scary thought of being 100% responsible for this tiny angel. The biggest challenge I have faced thus far has been breastfeeding. I didn’t know this was a skill that had to be learned. Didn’t know pain and endurance were part of the mix.  I didn’t know there was a thing called ‘proper latch’ and failure to do this could result in cracked and sore nipples. Breastfeeding can be hard and when not done properly extremely discouraging.

Thankfully, I’ve had access to great resources; a lactation consultant, a great book, good websites and my ever patient husband. I want to especially thank two ladies who have encouraged me, answered questions in the middle of the night, shared their own struggles and victories, and helped me get over the very hard, first few days of my breastfeeding relationship with Ava.

Christine & Lorena: THANK YOU! I am so glad I haven’t given up. I love seeing Ava’s big brown eyes staring at me as she eats…there’s nothing sweeter than the smile that comes after she falls asleep with a full belly. We are enjoying it a day at a time 🙂


Update: our baby is almost 2 months old now and breastfeeding is going great. The pain is behind and I am so glad we have overcome the different challenges that have presented along the way.

Day at the dog park

Spring has sprung! Time to enjoy the outdoors with our beloved four-legged friends. It’s also a great opportunity to dust my camera and try to learn to use it beyond auto mode.

Here’s what I got yesterday afternoon 🙂


Big smile and ears fly free


Eyes on the ball


Awkward doggie hug


My ball, my ball, my ball


Agility and beauty


Playing tag...you're it!


Just because

What have 30 years on this planet taught me?

Hawaii 2015

Hawaii 2015

I have learned that what I do doesn’t define who I am…what I do, reflects who I am. I am capable of creative genius, I make mistakes, I have great days, I have bad days, but none of this takes away the fact that I am a great human being.

Self awareness is very important. I like feeling awake and aware of myself and my surroundings. This sounds silly, but so many times we walk through life breathing and going through a routine as if following a script…unaware.

I have no major regrets in life…sure there are some episodes I would do away with if I could travel in time, but for the most part my life is one I have enjoyed. I have learned exciting and sometimes profound truths along the way.

There is not one thing I would change about my teenage years. My late teens and early twenties comprise the most selfless and productive season of my life thus far. I am still reaping the fruit of a time invested in others. Some of my greatest memories involve a group of brilliant kids whom I will always treasure in my heart, la generacion JET. I learned that we are designed by God with a very specific purpose, we are equipped with very specific gifts to reach this purpose and we can only experience fulfillment while walking in that purpose. I learned the beauty of mission and commission.

My 20s were awesome! I can think of cheesy phrases like: ‘the world is my oyster’ or ‘the sky is the limit’ to summarize what this decade has meant to me. I have learned to reevaluate where I stand and accept that success has many shapes and forms. I have learned to be grateful for everything. I remember being 22, it was a special year in my life: my horizons broadened as I discovered a new continent, a new language, a new side of me. 25 brought a new sense of independence which we know as “having my own place”…this also brought a new level of responsibility called “paying my own bills”…and I survived.

I am resourceful, I am creative, I am beautiful, I am a storyteller, I am a dreamer, I make things happen, I cry, I laugh too loud, I love sunflowers. I photograph my dogs way too much. I would paint my world orange if possible. I love the ocean…I am a lousy swimmer. I have the best parents on earth, my brother will always be my baby, my sister will always be my rock. I am married and deeply in love with Garrett. I feel nostalgic about the past and excited about the future because of the wonders it will bring us.

I have understood that it is not God’s will for us to make painful mistakes. I don’t like when people say: “it was God’s will for me to lead this or that lifestyle so I could share my experience today”. I believe we were given free will and the tools to choose wisely, but we choose differently, knowingly. Because we have an insatiable curiosity, or because at some point our heart rebels…and this is human nature. We make use of our free will and venture into places not intended for us, and we are hurt, and we are broken…and we grow and we learn, and we are saved from ourselves and brought back to a place of stillness so we may hear the voice of God again. And in His infinite mercy and wisdom our pain is turned into valuable experience we can now share with others…no father wills pain upon His children.

I have learned forgiveness. I have been forgiven and I have forgiven. Forgiveness is possibly the biggest treasure and truth I have encountered in my 30 years on this earth, and the truth has set me free. Nothing weighs and damages a heart more than lack of forgiveness. Lack of forgiveness is an ugly, greenish purplish, gooey monster that takes hold of our heart and our mind, and our liver, and our gut, and our all; and unless it is expelled from the very core of our being bitterness and sickness set in. The one thing I have strived to keep pure (mistakes and all), has been my heart. This I consider to be the noblest war I can fight…the war to keep my heart free and pure so that I may love and multiply in others.

As I look into the future I think of a little greeting card my sister gave me when we were teenagers…it said: –My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades-. I believe this, and not because I am so awesome and deserve it (deserving is such a funny word)…but because of a mercy and a love I cannot put into words.

Ecclesiastes 7:14: In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: God also hath set the one over against the other, to the end that man should find nothing after him.

My 30th year on earth will bring the best gift ever and my heart is overjoyed. My daughter, Princess Ava. I love her so much already.

I am Princess Karolita, daughter of the Most High King.

Happy birthday to me!

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands

Our Galapagos adventure from the perspective of our Australian friends…Johnny and Becks. Their photography and videos are awesome!

Drifting with meaning

Arriving into Quito the capital of Ecuador we found ourselves feeling a little dizzy to say the least. I had an idea that we were at a reasonable elevation due to the mountainous terrain we flew in over but was surprised to learn that we were in fact perched at 2800m, it is the highest capital city in the world. I was feeling a definite shortness of breath and an earache and Bec had her cold worsen almost instantly. We had a quick meeting with our tour group that evening then a super early flight back down to sea level and onto the Galapagos Islands. Our most anticipated tour yet, and it did not disappoint.

Once we touched down we met our guide Oswaldo and made our way to our new home for the next 6 days. The Nemo III a 76ft luxury catamaran. She had 8 private rooms all…

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A bun in the oven


Our baby boys are now gearing up for life with a puppy of a different kind. Our family is growing! This pic was our official baby announcement.  What do you think?

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