Threatening a customer: BAD IDEA!

Once more I take to the internet to express my views on our interconnected marketplace and the proper management of disgruntled customers. A few months ago I wrote some brief guidelines to vindictive customers with some pointers to make their negative reviews effective (please read: Piece of advise to all vindictive customers). Yesterday I made... Continue Reading →

Piece of advise to all vindictive customers

A few words of advise for all vindictive customers out there: If you want your cyber voice to be heard, please take into account the following tips from a customer who has experienced both sides of the story. Make sure your reviews are fair, objective and factual. Lying in a review shows lack of character.... Continue Reading →


Of a vicious vindictive customer. I will spare you some details and not give out names due to the ridiculous nature of the event. In my spare time, I like to help small businesses with their advertising needs. One of my favorite customers (for lack of a better word) owns a property on the beach which... Continue Reading →

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