A little trip to the Virgin Islands

Family vacation officially started 24 hours ago when we all met at Saint Thomas’ airport. Sun, beaches, green hills…the contrast with the below freezing temperatures and snowy days we left behind is rather brutal. We are staying in a beautiful villa in Caret Bay. The views are stunning! Making our way up the windy, poorlyContinue reading “A little trip to the Virgin Islands”

Galapagos – Nesting blue footed boobie

“Everything the bird does in the courtship process is deliberate and exaggerated,¬†from cocky strutting to make-make-believe placement of nesting material that is designed purely for show, in no way serving to build a nest. The enthralling display begins with a gaudy, feet-to-the-fore landing salute, and escalates through many self-important bows and nods to a rockingContinue reading “Galapagos – Nesting blue footed boobie”