We can choose to view what we do as just a job. Or we can think of it as our ministry. The choice is ours.


Shakira, El Dorado concert (my review)

Seeing her onstage last night was a dream twenty years in the making. The show opened with an old song that had the arena screaming at the top of our collective lungs: Estoy Aquí. Wow, her powerful voice made our core tremble while her golden locks bounced around the stage. A promising vibe. As Shakira... Continue Reading →

Why I love Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is probably the best character in the history of comedy and humankind! Kidding, but that's probably how she'd describe her favorite character, with passion bordering idolatry. I came to know Leslie Knope during my second maternity leave. After all the helping hands and train meals stopped coming I turned to Netflix for company... Continue Reading →

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