Why This Blog

Hello from the woman behind the blog 🙂

Stop, analyze the many thought processes running through your beautiful mind every minute of the day.

I want to write about the many unrelated things that waltz around my head all day long (running the risk of lacking an audience).Impressive, right? Well, the same thing happens to me.

I figured it would be beneficial to link my different trains of thought under one hub, this simple blog.

About this site:

Leadership – Our world matters. What about us? While we may not be leading corporations or highly recognized movements, we are making an impact in the lives of those around us. We may not be Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King, but we are leaders, at a smaller scale. Leaders designing the future of our generations through our actions, our words, our investments and even our facebook status. This page is for us, small transformational leaders with great callings!

The Vindictive Customers section…though the name has, perhaps, a negative connotation, I assure you my intentions are honorable. This is not a space for senseless angry customers with ridiculous expectations from the vendors they interact with. This is not a blog to encourage abusive behaviors and unrealistic demands from customers who take the ‘Customer is Right’ philosophy to the extreme. This however, is a place for customers who have been mistreated, misled, misinformed and downright abused by some of the companies they transact with to share their experiences with those of us who care to listen and take our valuable dollars elsewhere. I invite you to express yourselves and let some of these companies know that we don’t live under a dictatorship where they can take and say whatever they please. After all, we do have a market place where customers have options…a market where companies share a fundamental mantra that goes like this: ‘the Customer is King’.

Advertising 101 – I will never forget the day I attended an advertising class for the first time. My mind was blown away by the world presented to me that faithful hour with professor Smith. After class I visited my counselor and changed my declared major from organizational management to marketing and advertising, this move changed my life…and I am loving it!

Humble Genius – A section to publish the thoughts humble geniuses (myself included)

Español – Yo crecí leyendo los cuentos peregrinos de García Márquez, jugando a las escondidas con los niños de la cuadra, viendo muñequitos animados en las tardes, usando una jardinera de cuadritos como uniforme de colegio, diciendo si señora cuando mi mamá decía algo y comiendo papita criolla con carne asada. En mi casa se habla español.


4 Responses to Why This Blog

  1. Looking forward to this smorgasbord of witt & fun.

  2. MikeW says:

    Sound writing ability K. Nice to read. Continue!

  3. Marcelo Carvalho says:

    Boa amiga, linda pessoa!!.. Marcelo

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