The pups think out loud




It has been a week since Enzo came into our lives as a foster baby…we are loving it! I am particularly having so much fun photographing my furry loves.

Enzo mastered the ‘sit’ command in a matter of minutes; which has made for fun pics. Garepito has been an amazing mentor and continues to make me proud each and every day 🙂

They love going to Starbucks for pupcups and taking walks around the neighborhood. We hope to make a decision about adopting Enzo in the next few days.


Update from the furry ones in our household :)

Enzo and Garepito

We are blessed to have Garepito in our lives. He is a little over a year old and has been the perfect companion and friend over the past year. Enzo came into our lives just 3 days ago as a foster baby through a local rescue. I would love to add a second dog to our household to keep Garepito company.

Making the decision to get a second dog is not something to be taken lightly, so I decided we should foster him for a while to see if this works out for all of us (humans and canines). If Enzo and Garepito are happy together, and Garrett and I think he is a good fit for our home long term, we’ll adopt him. Having a puppy is so much fun…and sooo much work! With this in mind, timing is key.

Enzo is now 12 weeks old, ready and willing to learn new tricks and please us all. He is also a handful of energy and curiosity with a small bladder and an incredible need for attention. Garepito is 14 months, potty trained, wickedly smart and very friendly. Garrett and I are recently married and have plans to try for a baby next year. So, with all these factors at play I thought the best time to add that second canine was now.

We’ll see how things go…for now, we are enjoying these two guys and their silly tug of war games. We’ll keep you posted!!

PK 🙂

A note from Enzo

Dear Garrett:

I am told you are coming tomorrow and we will finally meet…I have heard a lot about you. I hear you are the alpha male of this pack. Both your human and your fantastic dog seem very fond of you…can’t wait to smell your butt! I know I came to your den on a trial basis, I just want to thank you for allowing me to spend the most amazing weeks of my life with you and your pack.  Don’t worry about expenses, today I discovered money does grow on trees!

Smell you soon!



Enzo is a foster puppy who came to a local shelter as a stray. He was rescued by the folks at Agape Rescue in Nashville,  Tennessee.