Galapagos – Nesting blue footed boobie

Blue footed boobie Galapagos

Proud blue footed boobie admiring her egg

“Everything the bird does in the courtship process is deliberate and exaggerated, from cocky strutting to make-make-believe placement of nesting material that is designed purely for show, in no way serving to build a nest.

The enthralling display begins with a gaudy, feet-to-the-fore landing salute, and escalates through many self-important bows and nods to a rocking dance, the bird slowly lifting each fully-spread blue web.

The whole performance culminates in an all out sky pointing contortion, with wings, beak and tail all straining vertically at the same time. For full effect this startling act is accompanied by a drawn-out whistle if the actor is a male, or an equally plaintive honk for the female’s turn.”

Tui de Roy

Wildlife & nature photographer


Photograph by Garrett Feldman – Edited by Karol Feldman



Finally Isabela

This part of our trip felt like an impossible task not meant to be. We got to Puerto Ayora at 7 am ready to board our boat and it started to rain…no big deal, just hoping the sea stayed calm for the 2 and a half hour trip ahead. This time we did not get kicked off the boat, yay!

The trip was a bit rough but I took a pill to avoid nausea and made it just fine. The problem were the other tourists who started feeling sick and throwing up. Yikes,  putting up with 4 or 5 sick people at the same time sucks.

By the time we arrived to Isabela all the guided tours to the volcano had departed…disappointment and hunger set in. We decided to buy plane tickets back to Santa Cruz as the boat ride was no longer an option for us, it’s time consuming, uncomfortable and unreliable. Garrett hussled as usual and found us a guide willing to take us to the volcano.


We hiked through a very slippery and muddy terrain for an hour only to be greeted by a giant cloud…crater not in sight 😦 we sat around and talked about religion and evolution for a while but the cloud wasn’t going anywhere so we decided to accept our fate and hike back down. Back to town and to our amazing hotel.

We had the best afternoon ever…the beach seems like a lost,  rugged paradise. Huge volcanic rocks provide shelter to black crabs and marine iguanas. Beautiful birds do silly dances and eat sand crabs, mountains are hidden by clouds yet the sun hits us at full power. This feels like the honeymoon of my dreams. We write on the sand and talk about the future…God is good.


We decided to walk to town for dinner. Not many options available,  yet we managed to find an amazing place offering fresh tuna with rice, beans and green plantains.  We had a dinner guest begging for food…a cute little cat. The restaurant owner tells us that strays are killed by authorities therefore the locals don’t report them. I feed the cat and think of Garepito…we miss him terribly.

Caipirinhas here are great! We walk on the beach using flashlights in hopes of finding some excitement. The tide is high, the volcanic rocks are covered by water…the sky is clear. We made it to Isabela after all. We kiss and agree: this is the best honeymoon ever 🙂