Life in the country – Arrington Winery

I am no wine connoisseur, nor a winery expert; I don’t think you need to be one to appreciate the beauty and quality of Arrington Winery in Middle Tennessee.Β  We were invited by a friend to meet a circle of young professionals who reside in the Greater Nashville area. They were all awesome and very interesting people.

Arrington Vineyards, TN.

Arrington Vineyards, TN.

The setting for this randevu couldn’t have been more ideal. We spent our cool and breezy Saturday evening sitting on a hill overlooking the vineyards and listening to live string music…gosh, that felt like the high life! The wine, the sunset and theΒ hors d’oeuvres were simply perfect. The road that leads to the winery is outlined by really tall trees that create a canopy effect only letting sunlight through the space between the leaves…it’s simply gorgeous.

I find that beauty and simplicity are a resonating theme in every conversation I have about Tennessee. I feel that those two words concisely describe how I feel about my new home. I have enjoyed the luxury of peace and tranquility over the past few weeks which has given me a deeper sense of gratitude for even the smallest things in life.

I am trying to hold onto this newly found freedom before it escapes as our social life gets busy again and some of the newness of the area wears out.

PK – A Miami expat loving life in Tennessee πŸ™‚


Life in the country – berry picking :)

It’s been a month since our move from Miami to beautiful Middle Tennessee, and things are great. While the idea of relocating from Miami to “the middle of nowhere” was a bit scary at first, I can say it has been good time.

Middle Tennessee is a beautiful part of the country filled with nice, friendly people. We have enjoyed the simplicity of life here. I have truly enjoyed berry picking, I know, silly. Picking strawberries for the first time was like going to Disney World. I didn’t know where to look first! I was lucky enough to run across Batey Farms on one of the best days of their season. Coming home with a bucket full of freshly picked strawberries felt like bringing a treasure after a day out in the field. I found some strawberry jam recipes and plan on experimenting soon!

Valley Home Farms, Wartrace, TN

Valley Home Farms, Wartrace, TN

Our second berry picking adventure took us a little further south to Wartrace, TN. This time we visited Valley Home Farm. The drive was simply breathtaking; little windy roads surrounded by hills, farms, and evergreen valleys lead to a colonial looking home and a time kissed barn at the entrance of the farm. Blueberry picking there was great! After an hour or so in the field we enjoyed some fresh blueberry ice cream and picked fresh onions before going home.

As I sat down to enjoy my ice cream, the freshness of that Sunday afternoon air, and the beauty of the landscape around me; I could only feel blessed and happy. I had just spent an hour picking blueberries with the man I love in a remote farm in “the middle of nowhere”, and my heart was filled with joy πŸ™‚

Change is not always easy. Moving from a big city filled with hustle and bustle to a little town in the middle of the country can be challenging. However, we have chosen to take this opportunity to enjoy every bit of beauty and warmth the area has to offer.

We have an extensive list of places to visit, events to attend and new friends to make!

Stay tuned for more ‘Life in the Country’ updates from this Miami ex-pat πŸ™‚

PS: If you are interested in finding ‘pick your own’ farms across the country, this site can be a great resource: