New members of the family :)

cuddling with my dad

After many visits to the local shelter in search of a little guy to become the newest member of a quasi empty nest; my parents ran across the beautiful pups pictured below.  Their mother was put to sleep the day my parents met them after she came down with a bad case of kennel flu.  The litter of 7 was one hour away from being put down as well; my parents could not believe the fate these little defenseless ones would face. They offered to take one home but were told they had to take all 7 or nothing. All or nothing? After a long discussion my parents agreed to take 2 of the puppies home knowing they could not care for a litter of 7. The other five were put down that night.

feeding the tiny girl

The adorable creatures have lived with my parents for over a week now and are

still fighting the flu they inherited from their mother. They are a little over 2 weeks old now and are starting to walk around and play with each other. Caring for puppies this age is much like caring for a human baby; they cry for food every two hours, need to be kept very warm and need tons of affection. I am very much looking forward to seeing them grow into beautiful dogs, survivors of the cruelty brought upon their kind by the carelessness of our kind.

My entire family is now on a quest for names for the puppies. My proposal is to name the boy Tut (as in Tutankhamen) and the girl Cleo (as in Cleopatra), any better ideas? I guess for now what matters is that they have found a loving home !

little King Tut waking up


Piece of advise to all vindictive customers

A few words of advise for all vindictive customers out there:

If you want your cyber voice to be heard, please take into account the following tips from a customer who has experienced both sides of the story.
Make sure your reviews are fair, objective and factual. Lying in a review shows lack of character. Poor language, name calling and subjectivity make you sound bitter and crazy.
  1. Pointing a positive aspect of you rapport with the vendor in question increases your chances of a resolution and being taken seriously.
  2. Keep in mind that some reviews are dismissed by third parties if deemed questionable or inappropriate.
  3. Choose your words wisely. Spam filters will block reviews using bad words and adjectives such as scum bags.
  4. Let it go. You did your duty. You posted a bad review about this vendor in hopes of alerting other customers about bad business practices. The point of a review is to share your experience with others not to tear the business or the business owner apart.
  5. Let it go. Bitterness hurts you more than anyone else.
  6. Beware of vindictive vendors. The internet is a two way street!

A Brief Guide to Miami’s History



Collins Avenue: John Collins was a farmer and land developer who built the first wooden bridge from Miami to Miami Beach in 1913.

Flagler Street: Henry Flager’s East Coast Railway made Miami possible. Before 1896, there was no easy way to move goods and people in and out of Miami. The railroad arrived in April, 1896, and Miami was incorporated in May. Flagler in known as the “Father of Miami” and his name graces many places in South Florida.

Biscayne Blvd: Named for Biscayne Bay.

Brickell Avenue: William and Mary Brickell owned a trading post on the south side of the Miami River in the late 1800’s. Everything south of the river was called Brickell for many years.

Julia Tuttle Causeway: Julia Tuttle is considered by many to be the “mother of Miami.” It was she who persuaded (badgered, some say) Henry Flagler into expanding his rail line 65 miles south from Palm Beach to Miami.

Rickenbacker Causeway: Named after WWI ace pilot Eddie Rickenbacker: He later became the president of Eastern Air Lines, which was based in Miami.

Killian Drive: Named for pioneer Dan Killian, who had a country store south of what is now Coral Gables and was responsible for the first schools, streetlights and churches in this area.

Kendall Drive: Named for Henry John Broughton Kendall, a director of the Florida Land and Mortgage Company, who bought the land that is now Kendall (unincorporated Miami-Dade County) from the state of Florida in 1883.

Ives Dairy Road & Milam Dairy Road: At one time, these actually went to dairy farms. Now Ives Dairy Rd, runs out to Dolphin Stadium and becomes Dan Marino Blvd. and Milam family name still graces their chain of local upscale grocery stores, Milam’s.

Don Shula Expressway: Don Shula IS the coach of the Miami Dolphins to many; no matter who else has held the job since his retirement in 1997. Shula holds the coaching record for most wins in the NFL (347), and coached the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only team in NFL history to play a perfect season and win the Super Bowl.

Me encuentro


Con ganas de escribir y sin saber que decir

Con ganas de reír y  sin parar de llorar

Con ganas de volar y con miedo de arrancar

Con ganas de vivir pero no lejos de ti

Con ganas de ti sin perderme a mi

Esa es la paradoja en que me encuentro


Mírame, encuéntrate en mis ojos

Bésame, tus palabras en mis labios

Tócame, tus vivencias en mi piel

Escúchame, tu sabiduría en mis palabras

Mi aroma, tu inconfundible sudor

Este nuevo ser, somos tu y yo en uno, a la vez (amor)


He llegado a casa…y aquí estas tu.