A mom in suburbia: 33 signs

My 22 year old self would laugh so hard at this list. The writing is on the wall, I am a middle aged woman trapped in the mainland. I actually think the gift of appliances is kind of romantic. Thanks hunnie for my sexy miele vacuum. Yes, that fresh scent is essential oils mixed in … Continue reading A mom in suburbia: 33 signs


Thick as thieves

Just when I think the love I feel for my kids can't be more overpowering it reaches a new high. Becoming a parent has been an exercise of broadening my perspective on a daily basis. When Ava was our only child I thought there could be nothing more powerful than the love I felt for … Continue reading Thick as thieves

Growing up is hard to do

Life has changed drastically for us in the last 3 years. Changing states, starting new jobs, buying a house, getting married, adopting two pups, nurturing a garden, becoming parents...so much to fit in a short sentence broken up by commas. Growth has been chaotic. We have experienced growing pains as individuals, as professionals, as a … Continue reading Growing up is hard to do